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 Why Is The Suzuki Method So Popular?
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Photo of Shinichi Suzuki The Suzuki approach was developed in Japan by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in the mid 20th Century. He believed that every child, if properly taught, was capable of a high level of musical achievement. His philosophy was that if every child has the inborn ability to learn their native language, then they also have the ability to learn and become proficient on a musical instrument. Begin children early and excite their own inborn joy of music, or the mother tongue approach.

The ability to read music is one important aspect of musical ability. However, the printed score must never be confused with music itself; it is nothing but a symbol of it. True music reading means discovering the composerís musical idea and expressing it aloud in a beautiful manner.

Nobody teaches a baby to talk by starting with printed letters and words. The natural order is to teach letters and reading after a child learns to talk. In the same manner, in teaching preschool children, we do not use printed music, but rather have them learn new songs from listening to the record and showing them how to play. Mothers should be taught to read music, however, because they need this skill to help their children practice. Music44 proudly supports Suzuki and their products.

Children as young as 3 years can begin learning music! Qualified Suzuki teachers can be found throughout the United States. Suzuki Association of America is a prominent support site and offers a teacher locator service.

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The music is standardized and carefully sequenced. Each piece prepares the student for the next. Rather than present the child with a series of dry exercises or manufactured etudes, literature is offered which is not only of high quality but enjoyable to play. Since each piece demands specific technical skills, it should be thoroughly mastered before moving to the next. Review of previously learned repertoire, therefore, is vital to his or her progress.

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